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Roman Holiday.

Portrait Suites Roma is like your stylish best friend’s home, perfectly located near the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti, Roma’s main drag for haute couture shopping.

With all the little luxuries that only a friend could thoughtfully place in your room besides the comfortable bed and shower - hair straightener (why can’t every hotel room have one?), Nespresso machine, Ferragamo amenities, art featuring Salvatore’s iconic designs (it’s a Ferragamo Hotel after all!), lavish rooftop breakfast (in a land where this meal is otherwise defined as coffee and croissant) - all packaged neatly into a perfect townhouse-like space.

Also, the best service I’ve experienced in a while in an urban hotel. My companion lost his wallet in a Roma cab (Don’t ask!?!) and the staff saved the day by valiantly retrieving it intact. 

Really, you could be satisfied if you just hung in and around the hotel. But I insist on wandering and getting lost

VJ Singh | Far/Back | Roma, Italy | July 2014 | All Rights Reserved